Recording drums is a costly and (studio-) time-consuming matter.

Do you want to be assured of creative and high-quality drum tracks on your album, EP or track without having to worry about out-of-control costs? Then you have come to the right place!

In addition to playing many live shows throughout Europe, I have gained a lot of experience in writing and playing drums for various projects, bands and artists such as Life @ Opwekking, InSalvation, Draw the Parade, Saymore, Martijn van Essen, etc. Not About Me.

it would be great if I could also supply drum tracks for your production. Drums will be recorded in a top studio in Baarn (NL) in collaboration with engineer / producer Chris Den Dulk of Hiterate. Recording with Chris gives enormous added value. In addition to the fact that recording is easier because I can fully focus on the musical creative process, he makes sure that you can place the drum parts, recorded and edited in Pro Tools, in your DAW right away. All you have to do is mix and enjoy the end result!

Contact us for more information or a tailor-made offer!