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I play sessions in various styles. My awesome full maple Adoro Custom City Lights kit covers them all!

For shows where maple & steel may be to loud I use a wonderful Adoro Worship Series Walnut snare.

Adoro is hand builded in Hamburg. Go to their website for more information and orders.

My default setup:
– Adoro Custom City Lights Drums (22″ kick, 10″ tom, 14″ floor)
– Adoro WS Walnut Snare (14″)
– Amedia Vintage (20″ ride, 16″ crash, 18″ crash)
– Amedia Vigor Hihats (14″)
– Balbex 7a fusion drumsticks, mallets & brushes
– DW 5000 HW

For sequensers, loops etc. I use a Roland SPD-SX sometimes combined with Ableton Live on my Macbook Pro.